exhibition painting

Four Squared, #72 / Septembre Abstract Project 2018

Inside the Square 1, acrylic and pigment on 9 canvas panels, 80 x 80 cm, 2018
Four Squared rose, acrylic and pigment on linen and canvas,40 x 40 cm, 2018

“Four Squared” marks a departure point from earlier work in which the rhythms of shapes and colours grow out of a grid drawn and painted onto a single surface. The work, now in relief, has a physical as well as a perceptual depth.

Here the grid has been replaced by a simpler geometry, the Square:

  • the square within (the square)
  • the square divided (1,2,4,8)
  • the square placed in a grid (relationship one to the other)
  • the square placed diagonally (steps).

Dissonance and harmony influenced by the music of Boulez, Messiaen and Reich remain important references. The works are also characterised by a return to the intensity of raw pigment, (saturation and contrast) and the materials of linen: raw, sealed, primed. The panels are modular while the colour retains evidence of the (intuitive painting) process.

Colours jump intervals between the squares and into the viewer’s space. It is the viewer who synthesises and holds them together.